Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Discovery Channel Shark Week Deadly Waters

Last night on Discovery Channel's Shark Week was Deadly Waters hosted by Les Stroud - he travels the world and rates the 5 most dangerous places - shark-wise. My thoughts below:

  • Starts with Les Stroud jumping from a helicopter on top of sharks, what a macho - nice way to "connect" with sharks...
  • Stroud's monologue is dramatic, thin, and filled with stupid comments
  • Surprised that Stuart Cove participated in segment - Caribbean Sea is 5th most dangerous place. On one hand Stuart Cove promotes shark diving, and on the other he adds to the shark porn...
  • Neil Watson says that Caribbean Sharks are safe to dive with...Discovery says otherwise
  • Great Whites in Caribbean - SERIOUSLY???
  • Les Stroud is scared of sharks
  • Make a chumsickle the size of a human and drive at the speed a human would swim to compare human and bait...WHAT?
  • Segment on Florida was not filmed in Florida but in the Bahamas
  • Experiment with shark to eat fish or prosthetic hand off stick - in clear water shark takes fish...in murky water (which was done by kicking up sand) - shark takes fish...then hand (after it was rubbed in fish oil - I have confirmation on this)
So far Shark Week is 0 for 2...

How can serious shark people be part of this show...don't get it...


Shark Diver said...

I like the way you are dissecting this season. Without a doubt Stroud's involvement yet again set the bar to an all time low.

Thanks Les.

Not to mention his "Nacho Libre" faked cage falls whenever a white shark got within 10 centimeters of his cage in Australia.

Reacting like a grade school idiot to sharks does not make a show any more compelling.

Please, if anyone is seeing Les in the next few weeks pass that nugget of industry wisdom for me?

Christie Lynn said...

It's amazing how bad some of the shows have gotten. I mean, a CHUMSICLE in place of a HUMAN? That's supposed to go unnoticed somehow? Is the audience supposed to see that and think "oh, they'd bite us just as much as their natural food items"? Are they really assuming the viewers are complete morons?

I still say use a dead body, at least (though even that probably 'smells' different to a live shark). If nothing else it would be fun to watch Les squirm while trying to deal with a dead body on the boat with him.

OCEAN Magazine said...

Just may feature an article discussing this in OCEAN Magazine. Really, the public should not allow themselves to be so misinformed and fooled, or allow such continued injustice to the sharks.

Ila France Porcher said...

Good on you, Felix!

Airjaws said...

Good read. Really enjoyed it.