Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shark Lies, Shark Pornography, and Shark Love...

Scuba divers videographing / photographing tiger sharks at Tiger Beach (2008)
Photo by Wolfgang Leander
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Here you have, in a nutshell, the fundamental difference between Shark Porn a la Discovery Channel:

and other media companies, and the way responsible and committed producers such as David Ulloa present sharks to their viewers:

Both clips were shot at the same location - Tiger Beach in the Bahamas; the 'acting' sharks were the same.


Mark Harding said...

WOW...what sort of a dude goes diving wearing a baseball cap?? The most dangerous thing happening in the water was his diving fashion awareness...

lyn nelson said...

The news clip is sensational and downright dishonest. Speeding up the part of sharks swimming towards divers, showing their eating chum (bait) at the surface, Jaws-type music is not the way it is in Tiger Beach.

These Tiger Girls (they are all female) and the docile Lemon Sharks never posed an inkling of a threat the week we swam with them daily, (some of us for six or seven hours each day). Rather, diving with them was magical, like a sacred meditation.

What does it say about American "culture" when the truth must be mutilated into a hideous distortion of reality to get those ad dollars. Shame on all of those involved in making it so.