Sunday, August 02, 2009

Discovery Channel's Shark Week and Twitter

I had complete forgotten that today Shark Week starts - have set-up my DVR to record all the shows - the only reason I remember is that I was looking at my Tweetdeck and one of my search terms is "sharks". Noticed that there is a lot more chatter than normal today and after ready a few tweets it all came together.

People are saying all sort of things - some good some are some samples:

@stephanie1685: i love shark week!!!!! i dont know why cuz i hate sharks and scared to death f them

@SheenaLovesJB ik! i hate sharks with a passion! >.< @somuchunfortune It's so nice to see people getting their limbs chewed off by sharks. It makes me feel so much better. Thank you, Shark Week. @paigerags I'm upset with the portrayl of shark's in the SHARKWEEK commercials. Sharks are friends, not mindless eating machines. Not expecting much from Shark Week - mostly some Shark Porn - as the people at Discovery Channel themselves call it... Make up your own mind and check out twitter search for sharks.


Martien said...

Please don't hot link my images! thanks!

Felix Leander said...

Hi Martien - image has been removed. Why did you not want it linking or being used?