Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiger Beach - hard to beat.

Copyright: Fiona Ayerst

I was going through my album and found this image, taken by talented South African photographer Fiona Ayerst last November at Tiger Beach.

This is Tiger Beach at its best: Clear water, a vast underwater beach (no corals, no rocks - just white sand), and friendly sharks; where else do you find that? Nowhere, trust me!

I can hardly wait to go back, and since I need to pamper myself a bit, I booked two weeks with the Dolphin Dream
in November 2009.

I understand that there are three spots left - if you feel like joining me and a bunch of hand-picked fellow shark divers, send me an e-mail (, and I will put you in touch with Dominick Macan of DiveAdvice
who is the arranger of these trips.

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