Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boycott Discovery Channel Shark Week

We feel that a media enterprise as prestigious as Discovery Communications should live up to their high standards of journalism ("Educate and Entertain").

Unfortunately, their sensationalistic portrayal of sharks on the yearly
"Shark Week" programs is not to educate but to irrationally frighten the general public by using the "Jaws" stereotype presented as the true nature of these fabulous creatures of the oceans.

By doing so, DC probably pretends that this is "what people want to see" which is absolutely wrong. Sure, many viewers like horror movies and find them entertaining, not only when it comes to the "monsters of the deep".

Most people do not want to be manipulated, however subtly, but have a hunger for education and a truthful presentation of facts - they consider the excitement of learning as the more genuine form of entertainment.

To be sure, some of the past
"Shark Week" programs had a relatively high educational value, and it would be unfair to deny that they induced many people to develop a healthy interest in sharks. However, the sensationalistic shows clearly outweigh the informative ones.

The DC people need to be told that what they are doing is irresponsible journalism, and that their viewers are more mature and discerning than they assume.

They cannot ignore 10.000 petitioners.


Thank you.

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