Friday, June 12, 2009

Boycott Discovery Channel Shark Week Part 2

Here is the 2009 "Shark Week" program; we discovered it today in the Internet.

Now you will understand why Ila France Porcher, the author of the
Manifesto, and the backers of the petition against the tabloid type of depiction of sharks as practiced by the Discovery Channel, believe that it is high time for them to properly educate the public about the true nature of these misunderstood creatures in a way that is both informative and interesting enough so as to obtain high ratings for their shows.

The titles of this year's "Shark Week" features could not be more telling. Have a look, and decide for yourself whether this is responsible journalism or sub-standard and sensationalistic inveiglement of the "Shark Week" viewers into the conviction that sharks are not to be trusted after all:


SHARK WEEK premieres Sunday, August 2, 2009, and features six all-new programs:


This gripping drama brings to life the true story that inspired Jaws. In 1916, the New Jersey shore became a feeding ground as five people were attacked in 12 days, triggering a nationwide panic. It was the first multiple shark attack in American history, and the reason we fear sharks to this day.


In this harrowing hour, see what happens when a great white breaks through a 300-pound aluminum shark cage and traps the divers inside; when another tackles a former Navy Seal in shallow waters in the early evening off St. Petersburg, Florida; and when a bull shark invades a spearfishing trip in the Bahamas. When you’re a visitor in the vast and complex ocean, any day could be the “Day of the Shark.”


SURVIVORMAN’s Les Stroud is back for more shark action — this time venturing to five of the most notorious shark infested waters in the world to find out which is the most dangerous. Les will initiate a series of immersive tests in these high-fatality “hot spots” to determine what makes these waters so deadly.


One of the most feared predators on earth, the great white shark patrols the shores of more than 50 percent of the world’s inhabited coastlines. And yet, scientists still don’t have accurate data on their population, mating practices, traveling patterns or even what drives their feeding behavior. Former Force Recon Marine Charles Ingram travels the globe with shark experts, seeking out answers to these and additional fascinating questions.


We know that sharks are active and can be quite aggressive during the day, but we know little about what they do at night. Now, armed with the latest in infrared heat-sensing cameras and night vision technology, a team of divers descends into the dark abyss on a mission to learn more about shark behavior after the sun goes down.


This is the definitive account of America’s 2001 “Summer of the Shark,” when the ocean’s apex predators attacked more than 50 swimmers off U.S. beaches. SHARKBITE SUMMER returns to the attack sites and — using news footage,
interviews with victims, witnesses, surgeons, family members and shark experts — builds a clear picture of what happened that summer.


Marisa said...

So, what don't you understand about them?

Felix Leander said...

What is your question?

cortezsharkman said...

As a commercial shark fisherman for 45 tears, I do not find the shark misunderstood. Sharks are preditors. They kill, they eat and often kill or maim humans.

It's you squeamish conservationists that don't get this. You people insist on trying to brainwash uninformed children with your propaganda: sharks are really innocent bambis of the sea and they're harmless and 'misunderstood.' That kind of harmonious bullshit is wreckless and irresponsible! People will die if they feed on this overfishing propaganda!

If you one-sided extremists would research Dr. Stewart Springer's study on shark fishinig over 20 years in the field, you would understand how foolish you are. He documented the difference of all species' migration worldwide and why Japanese fishermen have hunted sharks for over 100 years and have not fished them into extinction. Why? Because the Principal Population of sharks continiously migrating around the world. The shit you shovel, on the other hand is not fit for print. Face it, sharks are preditors and they kill and eat everything they can sink their teeth into.

Hats off to Discovery-keep the real truth out there, don't let your guard down and don't turn your back on this prehistoric killer of the sea. Just knock off the bullshit propaganda disclaimer at the end of each episode that seems to be necessary as to not offend the pansies.

Captain Bill Goldschmitt
Sharkman of Cortez

Marisa said...

My question is, you say in your opening that sharks are misunderstood. By the titles of the Discovery episodes, I don't see what there is to misunderstand. Read what Captain Bill has to say, maybe he can clear things up for you.

Wolfgang Leander said...

Oh, gosh, another self-styled "Sharkman"...


You still believe what most of us believed 45 years ago. You have learned nothing during that time, I have. That is the difference between us.

Enjoy "Shark Week"!


The reason for the boycott is that we see what "Shark Week" does to people like you. You know nothing about sharks, and believe that "Shark Week" is enlightening its viewers. Have you seen Robert Stewart's "Sharkwater"? If not, go and get the DVD. That will open your eyes.

Felix Leander said...

Hi Bill,

Apologies for whatever has got you upset and many thanks for your eloquent comment. I agree with you on some points and others not so.

What I really do not understand is how someone that has had a relationship (and apparent livelihood) with the ocean for 45 years is completely out of harmony with it.

As far as being a squeamish conservationists - that I am not, hardly even an activist for that matter. I was raised close to the ocean and always have had deep respect for it - I spearfish - even eat fish - would you believe that...

What Discovery Channel has done is "wreckless and irresponsible" - stuffing dummies with fish so that sharks "attack and maim" is pure, if sharks are to be represented - at least let it be in a fair manner - not as bambi, but not as "prehistoric killers of the sea" either.

Marisa, thank you for contributing to the conversation as well.

Ryan Booker said...

If sharks were as described by the captain, don't you think there would be more attacks? People dive with sharks every day without incident. That's not to say they're cuddly puppies, but come on, a little integrity in reporting is all that's being asked for.

I second the recommendation for "Sharkwater", a brilliant documentary.

Marisa said...

Hey guys, Marisa here. I know plenty about sharks. I'm from Hawaii and surfed in the 70's. Don't you think we were careful, even as far as NOT surfing when there were sightings. And now I'm married to Sharkman Bill and have written his story, and how the perception of sharks has changed since those days I was surfing on Maui and Bill had his aquarium store on Siesta Key. I think there are other causes much more realistic and important.

The Sharkman said...

This "Sharkman" (no connection to yours truely) sure has no idea what he is talking about. Maybe it is exactly because he watches too much of discovery channel.

In all those years working with sharks (sorry I mean KILLING THEM), he sure has learnt nothing, but hell.... what do you expect from a redneck fishermen!!

As for his wife... I bet she even barks on his command.

If there were so many sharks around as he claims, the death toll would be much more higher.

Wake up Captain.