Friday, May 22, 2009

Stuart Cove gets the media thing right

And some people that have been in the business for only a few years - rookies - get it wrong not once, not twice, not three times, but a total of FOUR TIMES - you know who you are. Below is a short segment from ABC featuring Stuart's Cove - it has the right messaging and portrays the sharks how they should be - not like "killer lemon sharks".

My dad emailed me this:

"Sure this was a nice publicity gag for Stuart Cove and his operation. But at least sharks were not prortayed in a negative light.

That is the way to go: If you get interviewed, or involved in any way with a TV producer, you control the interview and make sure the feature won't be distorted by the editors.

If you do not have that guarantee - you simply stay out. I know, It takes character to tell a TV producer: 'I won't be part of this'. But that is what being ethical and principled is all about.

Who do I mean? You know EXACTLY who I mean....


Sharkdiver recent wrote about the segment but I missed the video - in case you did too, click here to watch it.

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