Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shark Free Marina going after Mark the Shark

CBS 4 just did a report on the Shark Free Marina initiative and how this group is trying to convince the marina where Mark the Shark showcases his trophies to become shark free - they are considering it.

This is definitely some good press for the initiative and hope it will get the program more exposure and give Mark a headache.

As for Mark the Shark - time to look for a new park spot - or better yet - change your business plan.

At the end of the segment the report make reference to Shark Free Marina being responsible for the Ft. Myers tournament become a catch and release event.

The team of Shark Free Marina have contacted us already to mention that CBS was erroneous in their reporting and have
given credit where it is due on their site.

By them coming forth - I am hoping no one in the shark tribe becomes upset - after all that would just confirm the ego problems we have in this little community...this should solely be about the sharks anyway.

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