Monday, May 04, 2009

Brief Health Update

While I feel relatively OK in general, the trauma of my operation has taken its toll. I have lost weight, and with it much of my strength. It might take a good while before I will have fully recovered.

The next step will be a combined chemo / radiation therapy. Although the chemo can be delivered in Bolivia, I will have to return to Sao Paulo for the radiation therapy.

Bolivia lacks state of the art nuclear equipment, and qualified professionals to manage this type of sophisticated therapy. That means that I will have to spend another five weeks in Brazil. Not ideal, but at least I know that I will receive the best medical care available in Latin America which is rather comforting under the circumstances.

I should be OK by the end of September so that I see nothing stopping me from being back at Tiger Beach in November.

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Being back in the water with my striped friends, and looking deeply into their eyes, will definitely prove to be the best post-surgical therapy!


Undersea Expeditionary Video said...

Wolf, that is good to hear. If you want to put some weight on and get some radiation, I have the perfect idea!!! Come eat some of Dee's good southern cooking and lay around the pool in the hot Florida sun! :)

We miss and love you!! Get well soon. The girls of TB will be waiting for all of us to return together. We best not disappoint them. :)

respect protect sharks said...

Wolf. My 80 yr old mother went through both treatments - it was a tiring experience for her but - it did the job and now she is back out dancing! Stay strong upstairs and be positive. Richard Stewart