Monday, May 04, 2009

Freediving with new friends

Nico ascending - Photo by: Felix Leander

Recently I wrote about the new Ocean community called Oceanminds - since then I have met one of the co-founders, Nico Danan and have had the pleasure to dive with him. I have just returned from a marathon of a trip (business related) and really needed some downtime - literally.

Three weeks ago, Nico and I had dinner and decided to start pool training on a regular basis and of course diving in the ocean as well. So - sticking to our words, Saturday we had a great pool session (I realized how out of shape I am) and Sunday we went to Key Largo. While the ocean was rough (Nico decided to chum the water a bit), the visibility was amazing - must have been at least 100ft. Scott Hannon also joined us on the trip - coincidentally I also "met" Scott on Facebook.

Like Nico, Scott is also a great freediver and definitely shares the love for the ocean. At the very least we could still hit 65ft without any problems (considering that all of us have been inactive for at least 5 months). Besides the diving, we had some great conversations - I was intrigued by Scott's motorcycle track stories (those guys are nuts) - while Scott thought that I was nuts to be diving with Tigers - I guess it is all relevant.

Anyway - happy to have made some new friends that are "oceanminded"...check out some photos.

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