Monday, April 27, 2009

Tiger Sharks Rock!!!

Some people think that I "ride" sharks. These folks neither know me nor do they understand tiger sharks. I do not "ride" sharks - I am not a cowboy nor am I a sharkboy for that matter. I caress sharks, as you can see me here just being nice with one of the Tiger Beach beauties.

Photo: Paul Spielvogel

I am still rather weak, now more than before because I am back home in Cochabamba located at an altitude of 2.600 m which makes it difficult to breathe normally. All I need now is a well balanced combination of rest and exercises.

"Doc" Gruber has sent me this - and I thought the best I could do is to share the clip with you. It shows how very cool tiger sharks are.



If you have's seen this one it will make your day! Turn the volume up, go full screen and enjoy. The film was made by Duncan Brake while we were doing a program at Tiger Beach last October.

I think it is just beautiful and shows how serene these tiger sharks really are.


PS: Please be aware of the fact that diving with sharks can be potentially dangerous. Do NOT closely interact with sharks, touch them, feed them unless you are very experienced and know exactly how to interpret their body language. While it might look easy and harmless to interact with sharks the way I do, I do NOT encourage this type of underwater activity.

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Amanda Cotton said...

So happy to see you writing again. It is wonderful to know you are back home!! :)