Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disclaimer on sharks and this blog

Decided to add a disclaimer on our blog - prominent on the right side so it cannot be missed - to not have to explain ourselves every time we write about our interactions and love for sharks and to avoid any confusion or criticism from readers. We do what we do and by no means do we encourage anyone else to do imitate. Sharks are potential dangerous and should always be treated with the utmost respect.

How we portray sharks is very personal, we do not have a "hugging policy" - although we sometimes hug them and have been accused of promoting these types of actions, we tend to humanize them and refer to sharks as cute - because we think they are...Sometimes we refer to them as "our babies" - we know they are not ours, we also know they belong to no one - not even a government or country - sharks are masters of their domain...I think you get where we are coming from.

Hope this sets the record straight.

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the One called "Bitey".... said...

It always seems a shame that the phrase "it goes without saying" still needs to be backed up by repeating the thing that should go without saying!
But better to put it out there, for the less discriminating and rational people....