Friday, March 27, 2009

Felix made headlines in Montevideo, and with it my day!!

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There is not much I want to say except that I almost burst of parental pride when I saw Felix in the most important business publication of Uruguay ("El Empresario").

Felix is to be envied to be able to work for Burson-Marsteller, a top international communications firm.

Being one of the company´s regional digital media strategists he gets to train his colleagues in the field offices in Latin America, and assists them in advising corporate clients how to "become digital" to maintain and enhance relevance communicating with stakeholders and customers. That entails both establishing close human bonds with his overseas colleagues, and making on-the-spot client presentations.

When I was Felix´s age I also worked in PR - but as a press officer of an investment company, my work consisted mainly of writing, and placing, articles about mutual funds. Not boring but certainly not as exciting as Felix´s job with B-M.

This is the second time a Uruguayan publication reported about a member of the family. In 1936, a newspaper featured Felix´s grandfather, Wolfgang Julius Leander, after he performed much noticed aerobatic flights with a 80 HP Buecker-Jungmann biplane in Montevideo. Makes me feel good about both my dad and my son.

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Felix Leander said...

I live for these embarrassing moments...thanks old man - whatever makes you happy - just an FYI, I still am part of GEN X - barely...but I am.