Sunday, February 01, 2009

An Eden for Sharks, not Competitors

Tiger Shark - Photo by Brian Skerry

You may all remember the National Geographic story: "An Eden for Sharks" (March 2007 issue) written by Jennifer S. Holland and featuring photos by Brian Skerry. I just finished watching a slide show narrated by Brian - what got me to post about him were not just his stunning images, but what he said about shark feeding / interactions.

Says Brian: "Is shark feeding a good thing? - I will leave that up to other people todebate but I certainly think that in this transitional period it is a heck of a lot better to having sharks being fed and appreciated and alive than being killed"

Listen to the complete slide show - it is a very positive message...

This also made me think about Sea Stewards somewhat critical comment on the "Gimme A Hug" video. It is just a constant reminder of BIG egos prevailing over the basic mission, and this was a blatant example of how "colleagues" and industry "peers" really see one another first and foremost - as business competitors even though the others' work is for the benefit of the cause.

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