Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jews, get out of Palestine!

I don't mind, actually don't give a you-know-what reading that friendly order on walls in Hebron, Gaza or elsewhere in the Muslim world.

But I feel a deep resentment against hypocritical European pacifists who want to teach the Israelis how they should deal with murderous terrorists and a society that cannot (does not want to) control the ruthless killers within.

This best describes those Europeans' mental problem:


ecobuceo said...

May be... that's becouse whom were being murdered in 1938, are whom is murdering innocent people now... Actually, I can see the grow of border lines of Israel from 1947 until now, a very close way of the growing of german's empire border lines in 1939... using the militar force, the weapons... you can not compare 48 murders in 14 years, with near of 800 murders in just 2 weeks...
And I'm talking from a country where you can count up to 2000 persons murdered due to terrorism in less than 30 year. I know what I'm talking about, as you can see.
This way is not the way to finish with Hamas. This way is just a different way of killing innocent people.

Felix Leander said...

Who was murdering who in 1938? How can you even compare what the Germans did during WWII to what is happening today?!?!?!?

2,000 people in 30 years is 2,000 people too many...

What do you think is the right way in finishing with HAMAS?

ecobuceo said...

I'm not comparing what germans did whith Israel (not jews) are doing today. I'm comparing how things are done.
I deplore absolutly what Hamas does, but in the same way I deplore what Israel is doing now.

I don't beleive in any kind of human traced lines. And I can not understand how a human can kill other human.

As you say: 2000 people is 2000 people too many, and 48, and more than 800... Are WE "intelligent" humans or just "an eye for an eye" humans. Is this the way to solve problems or just a way to generate new and bigger problems?

What I mean: Why can we stop killing each other and no be just brothers and neightbours?
Really, I can not undestand the use of the force. And I repeat myself: I loose a loved one in a terrorist murder, but this don't give me any reason to take a gun... It will just put me in the same level terrorist are. Don't you think that?

I hate guns, weapons and any kind of murder.

Sorry for my english. I hope to be understood in the way I want.
And never clap the Hamas way, of course. But neither this Israel way.

Felix Leander said...

Hi ecobuceo - thanks for clarifying...makes sense!