Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So I have been a bit quiet over the past weeks - wanting to turn off a bit, collect myself, and honestly just take it easy. 2008 was a hectic and difficult year with the loss of two people that were close to one of each of the Leanders.

Back in July, a close friend of mine passed away - he is someone I think of every day and is someone that keeps me motivated, keeps me living in the moment. Back then I had mentioned that I would be close to him among sharks - and as odd as this sounds, I actually did not think about him during my trip to Tiger Beach. Sure you could say I was not thinking about anything, but that is not true - I was thinking about my family (wife, parents and Tibu), friends, work (believe it or not)...but I did not think about Kevin.

As I came back I realized this - and now I think about him everyday - again.

More recently my dad lost one of his best friends - I will let him decide if he wants to write about it or not - I won't (I too knew Guy well and miss him when I run around Brickell Key).

But I have been working on something on the side for the sharks of Tiger Beach and the Bahamas - the plan is currently with my dad and will go through some "test" - would like to share more, but want something much more concrete.

Finally - OCEAN Magazine published a brief commentary that Patric over at Shark Diver and I wrote about the people saving sharks - or at least say they do...regardless of our article - be sure to check out the site.

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