Monday, December 15, 2008

Who is this?

Shark killer

I originally was going to blog about something else tonight - when I opened my inbox and found these disturbing pictures that were forwarded by my dad. So - I am really curious to find out the name of the tool that has a smirk on his face next to the tiger - any help would be appreciated, at the very least a name should go along with hot shot. Also interested in any help identifying the vessel. Definitely looks like somewhere in the of the photos even looks like the Abacos. Senseless, and killing for fun...other things come to mind, but I wanted to keep the post pg-13

Did any media cover these jerks?


trulsjemtland said...

Do you have the pics in better resolution?
If so upload them.
Some photo editing programs allow you to se information on the camera that took the pictures.
If you lucky it is called "John Doe's canon e50"

Shark Diver said...

Hold off on the searing critique of this John Doe, for all you know this was a tourist who happened on the scene and took a snap. Happens all the time and it looks more than likely this is the case vs a fisherman with his own catch.

We need to find this guy and he'll be more likely to come forth if he's assured there's no lynch mob out to get him.

Wolf Leander said...

I am with you, Shark Diver.

We shouldn't be out to get anyone - rather convince that "anyone" that tiger sharks, any sharks, should be left alone.

Once we can get in touch with that person, we should invite him / her to dive with sharks instead of killing them.