Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on the mystery shark killers

After posting two photos of killed tiger sharks, it seems like we made a little progress.

A friend and co-worker of mine was able to find the complete gallery of the perpetrators and their bloody vacation.

Photos including everything from the gutting, removal of the jaws, to playing with the dead pups.

These people and their actions are absolutely revolting and criminal - the fact of the matter that the victims were sharks does not make this tolerable.

This type of "recreation" needs to be stopped.

Warning: pictures are graphic


More to come...


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

I have agree with both of you. Kudo's to getting the details and to the group you tapped to find out who these people are.

This event transcends operators, sites, and vessels. It is time.

The agenda here is pretty damn clear.

We are defined as an industry and as shark conservationists not by moments when everything goes well and we are sitting on the back deck of a vessel at sunset.

We are defined by moments like these, when presented with horrific evidence of policies that kill sharks-those who stand up now to make a difference will show to the planet what they think of sharks and shark conservation.

Those that do not will also define who they are for now and forever.

Let's get to work.

Admin said...

It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch those images, but they need to be seen, I agree.

It is so unfortunate that many in the general public (non shark lovers) will simply not understand the atrocity that is taking place in these images. I have never been more aware of this than now and is the center point of my efforts to help make a difference.

I applaud those that have the passion, as well as the courage to act, and I stand beside you in this fight.

Scuba Diva said...

I haven't even looked at the photos; I'm not sure I want to. Sometimes you get overloaded with images like this; over at Facebook, not a day goes by that someone isn't asking me to sign a petition against animal cruelty.

But I agree: let's get to work. I'm in; what do we do next?

Wolfgang Leander said...

Amanda and Scuba Diva: Thank you for your support.

We will do something concrete, and as Shark Diver said - it HAS to be a joint effort of all who feel in any way affected by those who harm the tigers of the Bahamas.

DaShark said...

Hi Wolf and Felix

check out my blog - that's something that CAN be done.

Certainly NOT a community project, but instead a challenge for one, or a small group of people willing to do the legwork.

If we don't talk, Merry Happy and above all, a year of great Shark encounters!

Best, Mike

DaShark said...
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Unknown said...

Hi DaShark - we are currently working on a plan that mentions many of the things you write about in your post. Will share with you once ready.