Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Good and the Bad...

The Good

The Bad

So I am in Beijing and thought I was going to be able to avoid the shark-finning issue...I almost did.

At first I was pleasantly surprised as I came across a large billboard of Yao Ming and a shark - said that if you stop buying, you stop the killing.

Ironically this was on the way to the restaurant I was going to eat some Peking duck at. Flipping through the menu I came across, what else, some shark fin soup... I was thinking about leaving, but honestly did not think I was going to find a typical Chinese establishment that does not serve fins.

Regardless, I applaud the Save Our Seas Foundation efforts and do think there is hope...maybe it is just wishful thinking...

I wonder why Sharkwater has not been shown in China yet -

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