Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Wolf has a She-Wolf...


..... OK, Chiara is not a exactly a She-Wolf but she is a She-German Shepherd, well, sort of. Wolf, Schmolf, whatever - who cares? Chiara is gorgeous!!

The guards of our gated community found her in the street a few days ago, and snatched her (I would have done the same) - so, now she is ours. That's, in essence, the way Bolivians nationalize natural resources...

Since we don't have a fenced garden, we cannot keep Chiara. She lives at the guards' house. However, I can 'borrow' her whenever I feel like it which is a perfect arrangement.

I have instructed our guards how to treat and feed Chiara, I have taken her to a vet for a complete health check-up (delousing, pills and lotions against parasites, vaccinations - and a bubbly, warm shampoo bath, probably the first in her young life). I take Chiara for daily walks - which is good for both of us.

Felix told me to train her well, and to be "strict and consistent" in doing so (being an 'educator' is probably the part where I will completely fail as a dog dad).

I find it strange that Felix, of all people, would urge me to do so - I was neither strict nor consistent raising him. Maybe that's Felix's discreet way to tell me that I did a lousy job educating him - ???? Never mind, Schnuffel-Felix, just kidding!!

- All photographs taken by Karin Leander -

I have never seen a German Shepherd, any dog, who does NOT look intelligent....

Chiara was born and raised on the street - now she is majestically feeling at home with the Leanders

We definitely have something in common.... at least, I feel it - does she?..... :-)

Come here, Chiara - be a good girl!!

........ yeah, Chiara - now, that's being a good girl!!!

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Scuba Diva said...

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She is truly a beautiful dog; congratulations!