Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hanli Prinsloo of South Africa - future freediving world champion?

Hanli Prinsloo - she is blue water....

At the rate Hanli is moving forward I wouldn't be surprised at all....

Read this press release:



Cape Town based Freediver Hanli Prinsloo has been on the West Coast of
Sweden competing in the Nordic Deep Freediving Competition. Freediving is the sport of diving as deep, as long or as far as possible on one single breath of air.

She surprised herself and her competitors by setting 4 new
South African records and winning the competition. Free Immersion is a depth discipline where the diver pulls herself down and back up a rope.

Hanli broke the previous record of 42meters by doing
a 50meter dive into the black cold waters of the Gullmarsfjord. The pool disciplines started with a Dynamic No Fins record, where the diver swims breaststroke under water, here Hanli broke the previous 78meter record by swimming 126meters under water.

This dive ranks her among the top 5 women in
the world.

The next day Hanli broke her own Static Apnea record, floating
face down holding her breath, with a 5minute 39second breath-hold. And on the last day Dynamic With Fins, she broke her own 129meter record by doing a successful 150meter dive, swimming underwater with a monofin.

Hanli now holds 4 of the 6 South African Freediving records.

Hanli has been freediving for ten years and teaches freediving in Cape Town, Mozambique, Egypt, Sweden and with Blue Wilderness in Umkomaas. Her focus is on wildlife freediving, scouring the oceans for big fish and mammals, freediving with whales, dolphins, sharks and any other fish. Nordic Deep 2008 was her first big competition since the 2006 World Championships

Hanli - YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!! Congratulations!!!

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Mark and Gail Addison of Blue Wilderness are the only shark operators in the world (!) where you can do both: learning how to freedive with a world class instructor, and freediving with the most beautiful sharks on earth or should I say, more appropriately, in the ocean?

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