Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open Letter to

Email my father wrote to Porter Erisman, VP of Corporate Marketing at

"Hi Porter:

Please read this - and just think for one second whether you should not talk to Mr. Ma once again with a view to induce him to stop trading shark fins and thus contribute to disseminating the crucial message that shark fin soup is bad for the sharks AND the people who eat the soup....

Mr. Ma told Professor Brian Darvell of the Hong Kong University that he does not eat shark fin soup anymore as he is aware of the environmental damage the "harvest" of shark fins is causing. That is a nice, albeit non-committing demonstration of good-will - nice but NOT enough.

Shouldn't Mr. Ma tell his fellow countrymen as a prominent and responsible opinion leader to follow his example? Wouldn't that be a great PR move for him, and for Alibaba?

Porter: I will not give up on this because I cannot give up the conviction that even tough business people with short time profit horizons are, essentially, civilized human beings who care about keeping the planet livable for their offspring, and in an encompassing sense, for the future of humankind.



We don't expect an answer...

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