Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From sharks...with others

I have always heard that smoking grass is the gateway to other drugs (may or may not be true) ... but I have never heard that the love for sharks leads to loving animals in general.

It seems like this bug has bitten my dad. He has told me that through his intimate interactions with sharks, he has developed a close relationship with other animals as well, ranging from bees, spiders, to llamas, and pelicans.

Says the Wolf: "I am enjoying animal love so much now that I am old! When I see, and caress, dogs, llamas, birds, cats, lizards, even bees, I realize what I missed all my life - my ever growing love for sharks has opened my heart to all animals, big and small - much to the detriment of my fellow humans, I am afraid to say...."

Tibu, my dog, has become my dad's "grand-dog" - he always asks me how he's doing, pays his health insurance, and loves to put his nose next to Tibu's.

Look at the pictures; they tell you the story in a nutshell:

Wolf with marine birds (Photo: Karin Leander)

Will she spit or kiss the old man?... (Photo: Karin Leander)

MUAAAAAA!!!!!! (Photo: Karin Leander)

Wolf petting a tiger girl (Photo: Felix Leander)

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