Saturday, July 05, 2008

Live in the moment

Kevin Haythe - June, 2008

Every so often things get taken away from you – that is life. The more we accept and learn from this the stronger we become. Gifts such as friends, relationships, family, even dogs are given to us to enjoy in the moment…

Two days ago I lost one of these gifts.

I first met Kevin over the phone in 2007 to develop a training program for the company I work for. I was intrigued by how sharp he was and by the questions he would ask me…felt challenged, yet I found myself thinking my answers and thoughts through. It was not until about a few months after that we actually met in person and hit it off pretty well.

Over the next year we worked on several training session and our relationship grew – he role took on a role as a mentor for me and really helped me put things into perspective and better myself as a person, not just professionally.

The last time we saw each other was about a week ago in London…this trip was the first time that we really bonded – like dudes. We shared very personal stories and really let out our “human sides…” It just further reinforced what a great person Kevin was…very warm and full of SOUL. What I will take away from my last conversation with Kevin is to “Live in the moment…” and ask less questions at a time and more open-ended ones.

I am in India at the moment (about to give a training that I was supposed to give with Kevin) and will likely miss his service. There are several South Pacific tribes that believe their loved ones are reincarnated as sharks – I like to believe the same. In that sense, I will attend my own service and always think of Kevin when I am diving among my friends with fins…

Kevin – I’ll see you soon


ErinByrne said...

Felix - this is such a beautiful post. Kevin admired you, and respected you, and I know he enjoyed getting to know you. I know you really bonded in London, but he really felt closer to you after Miami too. Like Kevin, you make an impact on everyone you touch Felix and I for one am very grateful to have you as a friend first and colleague second.

Have a great trip in India and enjoy every moment of it. Lead the program in happiness for Kevin's life, not sadness for his death.


Wolf Leander said...
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Wolf Leander said...

Felix - these are the moments when I feel immensely close to, and proud of, you - not because you are my son or because of a given achievement - but, much more importantly, because of your deep humanity, your being a MENSCH.

Your decision to go to India, and move forward, is the most sincere and spontaneous way to pay homage to Kevin - he would love you for the solidarity you are showing him.

Erin - yes, that IS Felix. Let me say to you that I never had a boss like you, and that I am so happy for Felix to be privileged to work with you.

Felix Leander said...

Thanks guys...KEEP IT IN THE MOMENT :)

Anonymous said...

To me it's a sad waste of human life.
I knew Kevin as a coach, he was good. He moved me and my peers deeply. Yet there was no coach that moved him enough to keep him from what he did.
We've lost a precious person.

pete nichols said...

Kevin was a great friend of mine, and will be sadly missed. When I look back at him since hearing of his passing, other than shear disbelief, I remember his hugs, which I feel even at this moment when I think of them. They were solid, endearing, warm, honest, and comforting. Kevin had a lust for adventure, a thirst for knowledge, and an uncanny knack at making people feel good and at ease. Kevin's physical absense will be difficult, but I am confident he left the world a better place through his actions and positive energy. He has touched me in numerous ways, and that I am thankful for. You will never be forgotten - safe travels buddy. With love and admiration,
Pete Nichols

Anonymous said...

I am so sad about Kevin. I had no idea he was hurting. I googled on him just to find some answers but nothing. I wish I could have done something, talked to him lately - called him out of the blue. He was the greatest guy. I am so sad.

Anonymous said...

I knew Kevin really well, probably better than most. I think I'm accepting that although Kevin's decision was rash and probably not what he wanted in the end, he has moved on to an entirely new Kevining adventure. And as Will's poem mentioned during his service, I hope he's choosing love, love, LOVE. The missing him factor is intense and still impossible to grasp that he's not just a phone call away. I went to a bluegrass concert last weekend and pumped my fist in the air and cried in gratitude to Kevin for introducing me to music and all the great people involved with it. The thought of maybe someday seeing him again, possibly in the next life, is the only thing that seems to comfort the deep sadness I feel right now.

Kevin lives on in all of our hearts.