Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Watch that saves sharks

Riedenschild watches and Fred Buyle have united to save sharks. Together they have come up with a limited edition diving watch, the "Ultimate Diver". Only 299 of these watches will be produced and they will be priced at 990.00 Euros, of which (and this is the great part), 100 Euros will be donated to the Malpelo Foundation.

Says Fred: "I am very proud to be working with Riedenschild. I take great pride in my diving and my photography, which I endeavor to produce as honestly as possible, without breathing aids, special equipment, lighting or digital enhancement. That's why I believe in our new time piece for Riedenschild, which has come to stand for simple excellence and no gimmicks."

Says James Newell (president of Reidenschild): ""Our partnership with Frederic couldn't be more fitting. Riedenschild is a truly unique company, and the watch we're developing with Frederic is a one-of-a-kind treasure."

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