Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tiger Shark and "Tibu" - Sister and Brother

I went through my most recent negatives today and found this pic I had sort of overlooked before.

Being an obsessive perfectionist (my German heritage combined with a psychic defect my son Felix correctly diagnosed long ago as some pathological variation of "anal retentiveness"... :-), I am normally very critical with my photographs - but when I saw this one, I thought: Old Wolf, here you have a perfect image. I don't mean the composition or other aesthetic criteria.

What I love about this picture is its deep symbolism: Man finally reaching out at the misunderstood, still vilified creature that is facing the nightmare of extinction.

Apart from that I realized that caressing a shark is not unlike petting a dog: Both look at you full of trust, even affection.... I know, I know, now I am getting carried away by my emotions... :-)

But you can believe me - when I pet "Tibu", Felix's and Carmen's dog*), I get the same reaction from him as from a big tiger girl.

Dogs and sharks must be soul brothers and sisters....

*) Carmen is my daughter-in-law, and Tibu is, thus, my granddog.

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