Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shark Angel

Can you imagine Julie Andersen more angelical than she looks here?

Well, I could - give her aquatic wings and a monofin. She normally dives with tanks - and looks like all scuba divers look in the liquid element - awkward.

Some people convinced Julie during her recent trip to South Africa to go, rather swim, freely. She has not done badly as you can see. All she needs know is some expert training in freediving.

I could see tons of guys out there, freediving world champs included, just dying to teach Julie the art of breath-hold diving. What you can't see in this pic is that Julie looks as hot as a 'real' angel... :-)

The only person I could think of teaching Julie how to freedive well and without any sort of distraction (hahaha!!) is Hanli Prinsloo, a passionate South African freediving champ who is a fully qualified instructor.

More about Hanli soon in this blogspot.

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