Sunday, May 11, 2008

Riedenschild Dark Diver Pro Watch

James Newell

I am really excited - I just received my new dive watch, the Dark Diver Pro 3rd Edition from Riedenschild. While in South Africa, I met James Newell, a former Special Forces operative turned "watchmaker" - he is the owner of several watch brands including Riedenschild (based in Germany). James actually lives in Germany now, he has even become a German. He also loves to dive and has become good friends with Fred Buyle and the rest of the freediving crew - who was filming a special on freediving and sharks for French television.

The watch is all in black and comes with two straps (stainless steel and rubber). The yellow on the dial is a great touch and the two screwed crown caps with security links make the watch look all the more rugged
. I also love the fact the the logo is that of a shark. Definitely check out their line - the watches are priced very competitively for the quality and craftsmanship - from what I hear the prices will be going up.

Upcoming projects:
Together with Fred Buyle, Riedenschild are developing the "Ultimate Diver" limited edition. James, Will, Fred, and Pierre have also formed a new group called "The Watermen" - really curious as to what that will be.

Get one while they last...


Wolf Leander said...

Very nice time piece!

I guess you don't need more watches for the time being, huh?

You'll get A LOT when I go to the eternal hunting (diving) grounds.... :-)

Wolf Leander said...
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