Friday, December 14, 2007

Testimony to Human Brutality at the best Shark Dive Spot in the World: Tiger Beach in the Bahamas

Look at the photographs, look closely. See the deformed jaws? The lower jaws of these two tiger sharks are broken; the smaller shark has its lower jaw actually hanging out of the mouth – a horrible damage beyond eventual healing.

The sharks were lucky to survive the ordeal of being hooked - were they caught and released by some “sport” angler? Or were they able to just get away breaking their jaws in the process of being hauled in?

The suffering of these two tiger sharks at the hands of some senseless fishermen represent to me the innate wickedness of man vis a vis the other, be they fellow humans or “only” animals.

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Kaz said...

I've seen these shark jaw deformities at several shark diving sites I've visited. Dangling hooks with trailing line is also common. Diving with blue sharks off New England, the charter boat captain told me that more than 50% of the blues his divers see have evidence of having been hooked by fishermen.

I recall an ESPN shark fishing program where the fisherman used a cutting tool to remove his hook from the shark's jaw, actually dividing the lower jaw to retrieve his precious hook. The shark was then released.

Not only sharks, but virtually all marine life is treated with thoughtless cruelty, with unconscionable brutality.