Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Body Language

You really don't have to have had intensive tiger shark body language lessons to understand what this beauty is eloquently telling us... The more we know about sharks, the less 'unpredictable' they are. Actually, as far as that goes, they are not THAT different from humans. In other respects, sharks are a lot more lovable than humans - at least that is the way I feel. :-)

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elephantastic said...


This is Kyoungryoon Jung from BM Seoul office. I just had a chance to stop by your blogs via BM source. Currently, we are working on mom-fluential thing here in Korea, too.

Anyhow all the pictures that I found in your blogs and website are amazing. I am really enjoying diving and a huge fan of great oceanic creatures under the sea.

It's really good to know your blog, I think I will stop by pretty often. : )


Wolf Leander said...

Thanks, Kyoungryoon! What is "BM"? - pardon my ignorance... :-)


Felix Leander said...

Hi Kyoungryoon - please excuse my old man, he actually does know i work for Burson-Marsteller. I am glad you enjoy the photos and site? Where do you dive?

Looking forward to your repeat visits...