Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PJ Dunick

PJ and I first met about one month ago – we had heard about each other for a couple of years, but the trips never coincided.  In November we spent countless hours in the water together and did a lot of freediving.  PJ was extremely gentle with animals and one of the best shark divers that I have met – not to mention an avid freediver…the tank would come off whenever he had a chance.

Above water he was an extremely kind and positive person – he radiated good vibes.  PJ will be greatly missed by many.  Thoughts are with his family and the Dolphin Dream crew.

Rest Easy…

For donations to the family please go to: 

From Wolf:

“PJ was a wonderful and very sensitive young man. I have met him only once, during a recent trip to Tiger Beach, and I was most intrigued by the way he handled the tiger sharks - he was instinctively respectful of the animals, and I could see right away that he genuinely loved them.  

Those who knew him well will miss him sorely.  I reach out to his parents to offer them my solidarity as a father and grand-father. I cannot imagine a tragedy more painful and devastating than the loss of a child”

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