Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too good not to be shared: Carmen's most brilliant photograph.

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Everything in this image is perfect: The composition, the colors, the subject's (Wolfie's) body language, his mischievous smile. Obviously, Wolfie, aged 1 1/2 years, was not told to say "cheese" - this most stupid invitation to make people to look 'photogenic' or 'happy'.

The photo was taken with a smart phone, and it makes me realize, painfully, as I have to admit, that we photographers of the old school -  whatever that means besides the heavy, at times quite cumbersome analog equipment we had to shlep around  -  seem to be out.

So, even though Carmen and Felix have undeniably some talent as untrained photographers, I doubt they will ever get a 'real' digital camera-camera. Actually, who needs one, except for serious amateur photographers and professionals,  when the results folks like Carmen and Felix get with their smart phones are good enough to participate in any type of a creative photojournalistic contest?

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