Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shark Warrior Lesley Rochat was here!

'Here' means Tiger Beach. Lesley Rochat was here for the second time, and she absolutely loved it! I wouldn't be surprised to meet her at the Beach again next year.

Unfortunately, Lesley had a cold, so her diving was limited (as was mine due an ear infection coupled with a sinusitis). 

However, she worked hard for an upcoming conservation project the details of which I cannot divulge at this time. She even convinced me to be interviewed by her - although I felt rotten and scatterbrained because of the medication I took against my otitis. 

Larger than life - that is the expression that best describes this small, fragile looking  ocean lady. 

Lesley has dedicated her life to the conservation of sharks, and her enthusiasm for the cause is truly contagious. Craig Baumann, a new congenial friend from Oregon, who was also on our trip, grew so fond of Lesley that he decided to join her on her dive safari during the next Sardine Run south of Durban.

I used only one roll of film (36 frames) during the two weeks on Tiger Beach. The best - and only - photograph I managed to take of Lesley is this one. I squeezed the shutter at the right moment as both ladies were swimming perfectly synchronized.

HIM - Harmony in Motion
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Neal said...

It's really easy to be with people who love sharks and live their dream... the Dolphin Dream. Thank you for bringing me to TB, Wolf, and Lesley, thanks for reaching out. Felix - Raul, I want to party with you guys!

See you all next year, and the year after that, and the year after that!

Craig Baumann -
Cross Fill Productions