Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tiger Beach: Last Minute Deal - and I mean "D-e-a-l"!!

Dom Macan from DiveAdvice who arranged the November 10-16, 2012, trip to Tiger Beach on the Dolphin Dream received two cancellations from Germany due to an emergency today.
In view of the tight time factor, Dom is willing to sell the two vacant spots at an incredibly low rate. The regular price for this year's fabulous interactive shark dive, to me the very best in the world, is US-$ 2.495.

Send Dom a mail, and find out at what bargain price you can grab this deal: dom@diveadvice.com
Tiger Beach:  Best interactive shark dive in the world - by far!!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2010)
Whoever is flexible enough to take a quick decision should not let this chance slip away!!