Friday, April 13, 2012

Wolf hand feeding Shark!!!!

Over the years we have seen some incredible interactions between Wolf and Sharks...but this is the Everest of feeding a Shark.

Wolf is my son...and Tibu (short for tiburon, shark in Spanish) is my dog.  I definitely see some similarities between the two (both Wolf and Wolfie / Tibu and sharks).  

Tibu has been around humans, but is still an animal with sharp teeth, yet he is ever gentle with Wolfie ;)...And Wolfie, not even having been around for 9 months is already hand feeding a shark...Lastly, my wife has set protocols in place to ensure the safety of both...hands are thoroughly cleaned after the feeding session.  She would kill me if Tibu bit off Wolfie's hand - I sometimes bend the rules when she is not looking.


Just some Friday fun...