Thursday, March 08, 2012

Alibaba does it again.

Manta Ray (Galapagos, 2001)
Photo: Wolfgang Leander
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This time it's not shark fins but goods made of manta ray leather.

Not long ago, Alibaba's top execs reiterated their commitment to not allow traders of products from endangered animals to use their platform.

Mere lip service?

Most probably not. Let's rather assume they did not realize that manta rays are now being hunted down for several of their body parts, including their gills (another "delicacy" for Chinese "gourmets" - yukkkie!) and skin.

Here is what Oceana found out:

Stop the sale of manta ray leather

Tell the CEO of to remove manta ray products from his site»

A manta ray can live to be 40 years old—if it’s not turned into a boot. These large, majestic fish are a favorite of divers lucky enough to see them, but they are also targeted by an unlikely foe: the leather industry.
Manta rays are disappearing from our oceans, in part because of fishing for their skin, gills, and cartilage. Despite the manta ray’s threatened status, manta ray “leather” fetches a high price. We recently discovered that, one of the world’s largest commerce sites, sells boots and wallets made from rays.

They should know better. Several years ago, Oceana activists joined other conservation groups to successfully petition to stop selling shark products. We know they listen, so we’re asking you to reach out to them again. A fancy wallet is not worth the price of an ocean without rays.

Dear Readers: Please sign the petition. Thank you!

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