Monday, November 21, 2011

Michel Lonfat

Pike - By Michel Lonfat

There is something for everyone - when it comes to photographers they usually have a preferred subject.  Up until recently I have never met anyone that focuses on Pike - that was until I met Michel.

Michel Lonfat is Swiss (French) and has been photographing Pike fish with a passion - and when he is not doing that he is exploring lakes in the Alps area, sometime hiking long distances with his gear to get there.

On our Tiger Beach trip - Michel was usually the first one in the water, this time capturing larger fish / sharks, and always ready to go.  He captured some great shots and I think has been converted to a shark diver.  I know that his wife Caroline has definitely become a shark diver.

Take a look at Michel's site - he is also actively involved in the Festi Sub

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Wolfgang said...

Wow!!! One of the best underwater photographs I have ever seen!! Absolutely stunning!!