Friday, August 12, 2011

"Emma" - same shark, two different perspectives.

"Emma": Gentle, sensitive, intelligent.
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Tiger Beach 2009)
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Self-professed shark conservationist Andy B. Casagrande, aka ABC4, is probably a fun guy to have a brandy with.

Having some sort of a 'celebrity' status, Andy has been recently promoted to Shark Angel honoris causa. Yet, this Angel doesn't seem to have any qualms whatsoever to 'entertain' some 30 million Shark Week viewers by turning "Emma" into a terrifying monster of the deep.

Now, that's not what you'd expect a 'Shark Angel' to do, would you?... I think these angelic shark protectors have a slight (?) credibility problem over here.

Film maker George Schellenger, on the other hand, portrays "Emma" as we "insiders" know and love her: As a most gentle, sensitive, and intelligent animal that compellingly belies all the bad press tiger sharks, and sharks in general, still get, not least due to the Shark Week garbage globally aired by the mighty Discovery Channel.

Acid test: Show these two clips to your kids and friends, and ask them to tell you which one they like better.

In love with each other: "Emma" and Jim Abernethy *)
Photo: George Schellenger (Tiger Beach 2010)
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*) Jim, I am darned jealous of you!! :-)

PS: "Emma" is, to my knowledge, the only shark that has its own Facebook page - created by the friendly 'Shark Angels' (see above)...


Missy said...

I am so thankful for George S. for making these films to help educate about the beauty of sharks and showing that they are not monsters. Not only the films, but always looking out for the sharks and how they are misunderstood or portrayed wrong and will work vigorously to turn that around!I have learned so much and am able to share with others!!!! It's crazy because you have those who will say that shark week was educating to show "how sharks hunt" is that natural "hunting"? FOOD on a chain?? This isn't showing us ANYTHING about the sharks natural ways.

Kathy said...

ABC4 your video was shocking and the bait ball used was abusive to this creature...SHAME ON YOU....George and Jim...WOW it shows the curiosity that sharks possess!

Jupp said...

"Battling a Tiger Shark"
This is a typical Discovery Channel stunt that has nothing to do with normal tiger shark behavior. It is nothing but fabricated nonsense like so many videos on Shark Week.

Anonymous said...

I think Emma needs an agent - the Shark Week people shouldn't be allowed to interact with her.