Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today Carmen and Felix made us grand-parents...

... thank you both for a job well done!!! :-)

I can't believe my "baby" is now a father himself!!!...

When Felix told me about 8 months ago that the baby would be born around July 12, I was secretely hoping for the fourteenth of July - a special day for the French, for me a day easy to remember. Wolfie (and the surgeon who performed a Caesarean) did me the favor.

Vive la revolution, vive le p'tit Wolfie, le premier Ame
ricain dans notre famille!

When I saw the first pic of Wolfie (yes, yes, his name is Wolfgang, indeed - 't was not my idea but I have to admit that I feel flattered.. :-) I looked for a family likeness in my "branch" - couldn't find even a trace of it.

Wolfie - 30 minutes after he took his first deep breath

Carmen on the day she got married.
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Managua / Nicaragua)

To me, Wolfie looks EXACTLY like his mom - the mouth, the nose. Well, good for him! He will be a most lovely boy, and a good-looking lover in due course, a true Latin lover!!


joseluisgv said...

Felicidades a toda la familia!!!!!

Contrata to all your familly!!!!

joseluisgv said...


WTF!!! I mean "congrats", but the corrector.... U know...

Shark Diver said...

Nice well done gang!