Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tiger Sharks - smarter than we all thought.

Tiger sharks not only look intelligent - they are intelligent.
Photo: Wolfgang Leander

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BBC: "Some shark species make "mental maps" of their home ranges, allowing them to pin-point destinations up to 50km (30 miles) away, research suggests."

Read the whole report; it is an eye opener.

I always sensed that tiger sharks must be quite smart, but to find out that they are that intelligent is truly amazing.

When I discussed tiger sharks with Erich Ritter about four years ago, and told him about my first encounters with them, and my gut impression that these sharks seem to be especially intelligent, he said: "No, tiger sharks are not very intelligent, bull sharks are."

Well, Erich, all I can say is EHE. Don't know what that stands for? Errare humanum est, and that applies even to experts... :-)

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