Monday, January 03, 2011

ZIBS - Happy End of a Bitter Tiger Shark Baiting Controversy in South Africa....

.... and, finally, a new chapter in the Shark Dive Operation manuals throughout South Africa - and beyond.

"... und der Haifisch, der hat Zaehne... ("...and the shark has got some teeth...") "Three Penny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht.

But the teeth are gone, as you can see.... :-(

With ZIBS this won't happen anymore!!

Photo: Wolfgang Leander (Aliwal Shoal, 2008)

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Much to my regret, the you-know-who of the you-kno
w-what shark operation had to be convinced the hard way to change their bad baiting habits. The controversy could have easily been avoided.

At first the you-know-who simply refused to listen to w
hom they once referred to as a "shark legend" - they probably meant "shark mummy"; and rightly so, I have to admit, as I will turn 70 in less than three months .... :-) :-)

Anyway, at some point, talking with Allen Walker and other friends, the you-know-who realized that in order to restore their slightly (?) scratched image as responsible shark operators they needed to do something about the
"issue" I already raised almost three (!!) years ago.

Even when they saw this photograph of a toothless tiger, they "explained" to me that other baiting devices wouldn't work - so they kept using the steel drum, the cables, and the chain.

Until now.

Ah, I believe I have forgotten to tell you what ZIBS means. ZIBS stands for Zero Impact Baiting System.....

.....And the winners are: ................ the tiger sharks, and the South African tiger shark operators. Bravo!!

OK, then - END OF STORY.

Except that I want you to read what Patric Douglas of Shark Divers wrote - it is a laudation to all those who got actively involved in developing ZIBS.

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