Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aging gracefully?....

Maybe others; not me. Getting old ain't easy, and I don't mean the physical and mental decay - unpleasant as that is, it's not the worst part.

What's bad in my case is that I am neither getting wiser nor do I become more patient as I age. But at least I know why:

- How can I get wiser if I was never wise before?... :-)

- Patience? Statistically speaking, and given my medical history, I cannot afford the luxury of toying with the idea of longevity. Thus, If I want to do things, I've gotta do them now or at least as soon as possible.

With that kind of inner mechanism driving me I find it very hard to have to wait another nine months before I can do what keeps my life candle burning: Diving with tiger sharks.

In fact, just looking at this photograph, taken only a little over two months ago, I ache and feel like telling the
Shark Baron, aka Jupp Kerckerinck: "C'mon, alter Knabe, let's go back into the water and see whether "Emma" is still around..."

Jupp and Emma (Tiger Beach, November 2010)
Photo: Wolfgang Leander
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firststreetonline said...

Wow diving with tiger sharks must be exciting and scary! Great photo!

Wolfgang Leander said...

Not scary - jiust exciting. Find out for yourself!! :-)