Friday, December 10, 2010

Sharm-el-Sheikh: Neither the Mossad nor the Sheep Carcasses....

At any rate: Don't blame the Sharks!
Tiger and Wolf - Image by Manuel Lazcano

All we have are opinions based on unprovable theories and assumptions. Even if a shark would be caught with some human tissue found in its stomach, we wouldn't have the answer as to why it bit the swimmers and divers.

The Sharm-el-Sheikh accidents were very unusual, hence the speculations - some wild, some reasonable.

To say it was a fateful combination of several factors, some of which appear to be plausible wouldn't be too bad an explanation for what happened.

It will be interesting to read the final report of Collier, Levine and Burgess.

Meanwhile, here is an article by Michael Scholl I found quite objective and informative.

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