Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here are two of the very few pics I took in four weeks - am I getting tired of photographing sharks?....

Not at all.

I simply don't photograph like crazy anymore.

Definitely pregnant - definitely good news!!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander

Tiger Beach girl - as graceful as sharks can be.
Photo: Wolfgang Leander

Also, since I still stick to film (yes: F I L M - remember???), I can't do (would never do) what many digital shark photographers do most of the time: Hold the camera against the sharks with outstretched arms and shoot 4-5 frames per second.

My camera, the good old Nikonos V, a manual instrument, is an extension of my eye, not of my arms - or a pole. No offense, my dear digital friends - let's just say that I am a "traditional" photographer, "old school", or, perhaps more fittingly, an "old fart" who is unable to adjust to the new modernity... :-)

I have dived several times, even days, with one roll of film (36 images); the digital colleagues typically took as many as 200 images
per dive.

So, I came back from Tiger Beach with a total of not even 30 tiger shark images of which I have scanned and uploaded only a few - have a look:


Carolyn said...

You will be happy to know that a fellow diver on our Tiger trip was a traditional film user as well. So let your heart be light that there are still those that share your film passion. There is something pure about your photography that I have enjoyed for many years. I can see into your soul Wolf, and it's a beautiful place!


Wolfgang Leander said...

What a beautiful compliment, Carolyn! Thank you!

Debbie said...

Love love love this slideshow Wolf! Perfectly captures the beauty of these incredible creatures... Definately leaves a longing to freedive with them again :)Thank you.

May 2011 be filled with much love, health, joy, success & adventure for you and your family!

Debbie de Waal