Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carcharhinus longimanus - Bahamas New Shark Rush

Please take the time to read Patric Douglas' (CEO of Sharkdiver) post on the Oceanic White Tip sharks in the Bahamas and his proposal.  It is an important subject, especially now that this area has been "discovered" and will certainly get more attention, both from good and bad people...

"Cat Island, Bahamas has quickly become the new shark rush for one of the rarer species of sharks, the Oceanic white tip.

This is good and bad news and a test bed for what could be ground breaking shark site development - or the same old multi-user experience with some terrifically bad industry video, a few close calls, and the inevitable shark catch drama/round of "save the" petitions..."

Who will take this bull by the horns? 

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