Monday, October 25, 2010

I've definitely done worse than this.

Tiger Beach - simply magic!
Photo: Wolfgang Leander (2009)
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This is one of those images I had not thought to be worth digitalizing when I went through my films last year. Yesterday, a quiet Sunday in quiet Cochabamba, was the perfect day to review my old negatives once again to see whether I had not overlooked a decent shot.

I am glad I 'discovered' the photograph as I believe it captures the essence of that uniquely minimalistic dive site that is Tiger Beach: No pretty corals or rocks on the bottom, incredibly clear water, a vast, flat sandy area, an underwater beach, indeed, and - well, a few scuba divers which in this case served as a welcome compositional element.

In about two weeks I will be back at Tiger Beach with two or three of my good old Nikonos V cameras. While there is now an almost over-flowing abundance of good tiger shark photographs, I am hoping to get THE shot of my life which I know won't happen. Being quite hard on myself when it comes to delivering quality I will never be completely satisfied with my work.

What can I do? - that is what being a damned perfectionist is all about. This obsession isn't all that bad, though - it keeps me going which is perhaps the best post-operative cancer therapy there is.

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Jupp said...

Yes Wolf, I, too, am looking forward to Tiger Beach in a couple of weeks, for two weeks of diving.
See you there