Saturday, September 25, 2010

R & G Lounge Sells Shark Fin Soup

My wife is in San Francisco and she sent me a photo of a menu - already had a hunch of what it would have - shark fin soup.  The name of this establishment is R & B Lounge located in Chinatown, San Francisco.  While it is not surprising to find restaurants serving shark fin soup in the US, I must say I was surprised that it was Michelin recommended - in fact, this is what they said:

San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country 2007 Restaurants & Hotels 
This well-run, classically Chinese place on the edge of Chinatown (within two blocks of 
the Transamerica Pyramid) is popular with business types at lunch. At dinner, groups and 
families add to the mix in the boisterous, low ceiling downstairs dining room with its wall 
if aquarium tanks. If you prefer a quieter dining atmosphere, the airy and refined space 
upstairs better accommodates private conversations. 

Signature dishes are illustrated on the menu to unravel any mystery concerning the 
Cantonese cuisine. Spend some time leafing through the wide selection before you 
narrow your choices. You won’t go wrong with a house specialty like the fresh-from-thetank salt-and-pepper crab, of chef’s specials such as stir-fried minced seafood in lettuce cups, shark fin soup, and Peking Duck

What's the point...Michelin is the same company that states on its website:

"For over 110 years, Michelin has been driven by a set of core values centered on respect. These values are: 
  • Respect for people

  • Respect for customers

  • Respect for shareholders

  • Respect for the environment (REALLY???)

  • Respect for facts
    Our Community Relations programs illustrate how we apply these values on a daily basis."

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