Friday, August 06, 2010

Surfer tries to save beached Great White Shark

For all the idiots that we have covered in this blog (shooting sharks with guns, spearing tigers and cutting out jaws, etc.) it is always refreshing to find a story of people trying to save sharks.

This post comes from OceanicDefense:

"IT TAKES a brave soul to race to the rescue of a stranded great white shark.

There are those teeth for one thing - large and sharp enough to take off a man's helping hand, even out of the water.

But Andrew Eckersley didn't think twice last Friday morning when he spotted one of the fearsome predators washed up on a beach on the Mid-North Coast in New South Wales.

Mr Eckersley and a lone surfer rushed to the 3m shark's aid, treating it with the kind of care and compassion usually reserved for beached whales...

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