Monday, August 02, 2010

On Shark Week 2010 and South African Shark Amazones

I was about to write a blog about this year's "Shark Week" when I came across Lesley Rochat's thoughts on the subject that are, in my opinion, absolutely spot on.

So, rather than adding my views on the controversial Discovery Channel yearly program, I invite you to read what Lesley had to say.
Lesley Rochat is one of those individuals in the shark world I highly respect. Unlike others who pretend to be concerned about the welfare of sharks but actually consider them a mere business, this petite and strong-willed lady cares deeply for sharks, and will not bend her integrity for selfish purposes under any circumstances whatsoever.

There are others like Lesley in South Africa: Fiona Ayerst, Sophia van Coller, Olivia Jones-Symcox, Hanli Prinsloo - all admirable 'Shark Amazones' who prove that when it comes to tenacity, commitment, and mental toughness, they do not belong to the "weaker" sex at all....

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