Monday, July 12, 2010

You don't have to be a shark diver to own a Helson Shark Diver watch -

- but it would help. Well, not really sure about that.... :-). All I can say with certainty is that the Shark Diver watch is a hell of a precision instrument, heavy and solid as a tank.

Justify Full Peter Helson, a German hobby diver and shark lover, has had many dive watches, and was never completely happy with them. So he decided to design his own watch - and establish a watch company with a few like-minded watch nuts. Mind you, Peter is not a watch maker, he is just a bloody perfectionist and a hands-on typaguy. With that combination of personality traits you can't go wrong with hardly anything you do.

Peter Helson - proudly flashing his own Helson Shark Diver watch.

I used to be (still am) a watch fanatic. In the past I only went for top-notch brand names: Rolex, Jaeger-le-Coultre, IWC, Patek Philippe, and Lange & Soehne. I have seven of those beautiful watches. They are true masterpieces, no doubt about it - BUT they are also very, very expensive.

What I didn't fully realize is that when you buy high-grade watches you not only pay for the superior quality but you indirectly finance the manufacturers' formidable marketing and advertising activities.

Not long ago, I discovered that there are many still unknown new brands out there, launched by industrious and enthusiastic individuals like Peter Helson. This new breed of watch manufacturers produce stunning watches with a minimum of overhead expenses which allows them to sell their timepieces applying a spectacularly advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

It is probably safe to say that a watch produced by Peter Helson costs at least three times less than a comparable timepiece manufactured by a well established and renowned watch company in Switzerland or Germany.

When I saw the Helson Shark Diver watch in Peter's website, I did not hesitate ordering two models - the flashy one with the black dial and orange numbers, and the more elegant version with the dark grey dial and the steel colored bezel. Why did I buy both? Simple: Because I could not decide which one I liked better.... :-)

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